Fun Games and Activities for Kids Trampoline

Trampolines are an excellent way to keep kids entertained and active. Trampolines are a great source of exercise and can also be used for fun games and activities that will keep your children engaged for hours. From classic trampoline games like “Horse” and “Hot Potato” to more creative ideas like obstacle courses, there is no shortage of ways to turn your backyard into a playground. This article will explore some of the most exciting and fun games and activities you can do with a trampoline. So if you’re looking for new ways to make your kids jump with joy, read on!

Jumping and Bouncing Games for Kids

 Kids love to jump and bounce, and a It is a perfect place to do it! Here are some fun games and activities that your kids can enjoy on their trampoline:

 1. hopscotch – This classic game can be played on a trampoline by drawing a hopscotch grid with chalk on the mat. Players take turns jumping from square to square, avoiding the squares with chalk symbols in them.

 2. Simon says – This popular game can be played on a trampoline by having one player be “Simon.” Simon calls out instructions, such as “jump on one foot,” “bounce three times,” etc., and the other players must follow the instructions. If players don’t follow the instructions or fall off the trampoline, they are out of the game.

 3. Twister – This well-known game can also be played on a trampoline! One player is the “twister” and calls out body parts (left hand, right foot, etc.) that players must put on different colored circles drawn on the mat. Again, if a player falls off or doesn’t complete the task correctly, they are out of the game. The last player standing is the winner!

 4. relay races – Divide players into teams and have them line up behind each other at one end of the trampoline. The first player in each

Trampoline Obstacle Course Ideas

1. Set up a series of small cones or obstacles in a line leading up to the trampoline. The child must navigate their way through the course without touching any of the objects.

 2. Create an obstacle course that goes around the trampoline. The child must go under, over, and through different elements while staying on the trampoline.

 3. Place a series of bean bags, balls, or other objects around the trampoline. The child must jump from one object to another, trying not to touch the ground in between.

 4. Have the child stand on one side of the trampoline while you stand on the other. Take turns throwing soft objects at each other, trying to knock each other off balance. The first person to fall off loses!

 5. Set up a hula hoop or limbo stick at one end of the trampoline. The child must jump over it while staying on the trampoline. If they touch the ground or fall off the trampoline, they lose!

Trampoline Yoga and Fitness for Kids

Trampoline yoga and fitness for kids is a great way to get them moving and improve their coordination. It’s also a lot of fun! Here are some tips to get you started:

 1. Choose a trampoline that is the right size for your child. If they are too small, they may have difficulty balancing. If they are too big, they may also be unable to control their movements.

 2. Start with basic poses and progress to more challenging ones as your child’s skills improve.

 3. Make sure your child wears comfortable clothing that won’t restrict their movement.

 4. Be sure to supervise your child at all times to prevent injuries.

 With these tips in mind, you and your child can enjoy the many benefits of trampoline yoga and fitness!

Trampoline Dodgeball and Team Games

Dodgeball is a classic game that can be played on a trampoline. You can either have teams or play every man for himself. If you have teams, each team can have up to six players. The game’s object is to eliminate all of the opposing team’s players by hitting them with the ball or catching the ball after it has been thrown at you. A player is eliminated if they are hit with the ball below the knee or drop it when trying to catch it.

 Team games are a great way to get everyone involved and have fun. Some team games that can be played on a trampoline include tag, Red Light, Green Light, and Simon Says. Tag is a simple game where one person is it and tries to tag other players. Red Light Green Light is a memory game where players follow the leader’s instructions. Simon Says is another memory game where players have to do what Simon says, but if Simon doesn’t say anything, they don’t have to do anything.

 These are just a few ideas for games that can be played on a trampoline. Trampoline dodgeball and team games are a great way to get everyone active and having fun.

Creating a Trampoline Dance Routine

When it comes to trampoline dance routines, the possibilities are endless! Trampoline dancing is an excellent option if you’re looking for a creative way to get your kids moving or add some extra flair to your next family gathering.

 First, decide what type of routine you’d like to create. If you’re choreographing a routine for younger kids, keep the movements simple and easy to follow. For older kids or adults, you can get more creative with the steps and add some jumps and flips (if everyone is comfortable with those).

 Once you have the basic idea of your routine, start practicing it with your dancers. It’s essential to go over the choreography several times so that everyone is confident and comfortable with the steps. Remember, even if someone makes a mistake during the routine, keep going and encourage them to keep trying – that’s part of the fun!

 As you practice, pay attention to the music you’re using for your routine. The right song can make or break a dance performance, so choose something that gets everyone pumped up and ready to move. Once you have your music and choreography nailed down, it’s time to perform your routine in front of an audience!

 Whether you invite friends and family over to watch or put on a show at a local park or community


Trampolines can be a great source of fun and exercise for kids, with all their different activities. From jumping around to playing trampoline games, there are so many ways in which your child can have fun while staying active. With these ideas, you should have plenty of inspiration to keep your kids entertained and engaged whenever they’re using their trampoline!


What fun games and activities can be done on a kid’s trampoline?

A: Some fun games and activities that can be done on a kids trampoline include jumping and bouncing games, obstacle courses, trampoline yoga and fitness, dodgeball and team games, creating a trampoline dance routine, trampoline water game fun, trampoline scavenger hunt and trampoline games for younger children.

Can a trampoline be used for fitness and yoga for kids?

A: Yes, a trampoline can be used for fitness and yoga for kids. Trampoline exercise can be fun and engaging for kids to improve their physical fitness, balance, and coordination. Yoga on a trampoline can also be fun to increase flexibility, focus, and calming.

Are trampoline games safe for kids?

A: Trampoline games can be safe for kids when used correctly and with appropriate safety precautions. It is essential to ensure that the trampoline is the right size for the child and that the child is supervised using it. It’s also essential to follow the trampoline manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.

How can I create an obstacle course on a trampoline?

A: You can create an obstacle course on a trampoline by using various trampoline accessories such as trampoline ladders, cones, hula hoops, and other items. You can also use your imagination and develop your age-appropriate obstacle course ideas for your child.

Can trampoline games be played indoors or outdoors?

A: Trampoline games can be played indoors and outdoors, depending on the type of trampoline and the available space. If you have an indoor trampoline or a trampoline with an enclosure, you can play trampoline games inside. If you have an outdoor trampoline, you can play trampoline games outside as long as the weather is appropriate and safe.